Sunday, April 3, 2011

Seth Godin just wrote "The worst voice of the brand *is* the brand"

One sentence stood out:
When a doctor rips off Medicare, all doctors are less trustworthy.

Interesting comment that can be applied directly to those of us who practice dental sleep medicine.

How well do we represent the profession in dealing with patients who snore and have obstructive sleep apnea? Do we claim to have a unique appliance that no one else has? Do we advocate over-the-counter appliances that research has proven ineffective? Have we taken sufficient continuing education to actually know what we are doing when we treat sleep apnea? Do we present ourselves to sleep physicians in a way that is beneficial to ALL dentists who work in this field? Do we deal honestly with Medicare?

Is dental sleep medicine just a "profit center" to replace cosmetic patients lost to the recession or are we seriously approaching the field in order to help people?

I can't answer any of these questions for you, you can only do that yourself. But remember your actions reflect on ALL dentists in the field and on dentistry in general.



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